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Wireless communication with XBee

This tutorials will help you to get in touch with XBee Radios.

What is ZigBee?

ZigBee is an open global standard for reliable, cost-effictive, low-power, wireless network products. Other Wireless networking standards are WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, Wibree, Z-Wave, WiMAX or Wireless USB. Most of these standards address fast wireless communication where as ZigBee aims for low data rates and a tiny stack that fits on 8-bit microcontrollers. ZigBee is designed for low data rates and thus run for years on simple AA-Batteries. With ZigBee you can control a light or send temperature data to a thermostat.

The ZigBee specification is maintained by the ZigBee Alliance. ZigBee is an Open Global Standard and uses as its foundatoin the IEEE 80.15.4 specification. IEEE defines a relible radio standard in the 2.4GHz band that may be used worldwide.

A ZigBee network is expected to have products from many vendors that all interoperate. You can get ZigBee-Products from Freescale, Ember, Integration or Texas Instruments.

How to start?

We're using XBee-Radios from Digi International. Digi's X-Bee Radios can be programmed directly or can be used by every Microcontroller implementing the RS232-Protocol. We decided on XBee with Arduino/Wiring and XBee with Processing/Java.

XBee Tutorials

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22-05-2009: Basics - Wire up XBee with Arduino
Learn how to wire up XBee with your Arduino- or Wiring-Board. How to use a 3.3V device with a 5V Microcontroller? more >>

22-05-2009: Basics - Wire up XBee with your MAC / PC
Learn how to wire up XBee with your Mac / PC using a COM- or USB-Port. more >>

22-05-2009: Basics - Configurate an XBee-Node
Learn how to configurate your XBee-Node. Set Network-Address or Device-Address. more >>

22-05-2009: Example - XBee as a Wire replacement (Microcontroller example)
Learn how to replace the wire between your PC / Mac and your Microcontroller. more >>

comming soon:

  • examples - with library
  • advanced - programming arduino with xbee
  • advanced - configuration: note - note
  • advanced - configuration: note - multi note
  • advanced - configuration: multihopp