__The EmbeddedLab is an open group of creative
__researchers and students, within the chair
__for caad|ETH Zürich. We are interested in
__developing neat Physical-, Smart-, Wearable-,
__Wireless Applications. Feel free to join us.
__Hosted by Christoph Wartmann.


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__Electronic Bricks | Beginner level

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Featured Projects

Stone Node
the aim of this project is to research, if there is a way using Arduino and it‘s embedded technology to track falling rock motion and rotation, as well as the decent and impact. The advantage would be, to have tiny, easy accessible, reusable and affordable electronics. This would also dramatically shrink the costs of every experiment in that field. more...

China Node
China Node project is a remote control system based on Arduino, Ethernet shield and RFM12 wireless module, which is cooperated with the CAAD of Southeast University in China. more...

Wireless Sensor Node Development
After playing around with some xBee tranceivers, i thought, why not developing our own caad wireless sensor nodes based on the zigbee protocol. more...

dSail Trim System
Using wireless sensor networks to monitor airflows and pressure differences on sails in realtime. Imagine you could see the airflows in your sails and trim your boat to the max.. more...

Featured elective course student projects

Pull Harder! - New age of skiff monitoring
There is no really cool monitor system for skiffs and rowing boats. We've developed one! Combining a polar heartbeat sensor with a 3D-Acceleration sensor , we think that should work. more...

Social Balls - Wireless social network (German only by now)
In Ruhe gelassen scheint es ein normaler Springball zu sein. Sensibel auf Lichtveränderungen und Bewegungen, wacht er bei Irritationen auf. Wenn er in die Nähe von Artgenossen kommt, beginnt ein Dialog. more...

Featured Arduino/Wiring Examples

uDrive Micro SD Reader/Writer using Fat16
This Module can be used to plug a uDrive Micro SD card reader and writer into your project. All data will be stored using Fat16 and can be read directly from your pc or mac! more...

Implementation of the Pressure Sensor SCP1000
This Module can be used to plug a Pressure Sensor SCP1000 into your project. Connect your sensors to any digital pin on your board using SPI protocol. more...

Coordination: Christoph Wartmann More info...
Insitute for Technology in Architecure - Chair for CAAD Prof. Ludger Hovestadt - ETH Zürich